Man responsible for fatal accident in August sentenced to jail

It’s easy to say that a car accident can change the lives of everyone involved in the crash. But it is difficult to truly understand what it’s like to lose a loved one because of a driver’s negligence or recklessness.
The death of a surgeon in Augusta, Georgia, impacted not only his wife and daughter but his siblings, his parents, his cousins, aunts, uncles, colleagues and friends. He had been cycling with a few others when a car slammed into him. Several other cyclists were injured, but the surgeon was killed.
While it is unclear what the car’s driver was specifically charged with, he was recently sentenced. His penalty is a 90-day jail sentence to be served on the weekends. But is this enough? The cyclist was struck in daylight on a straight road with several others with him – the victim’s loved ones are left wondering whether the penalty fits the crime.
After the cyclist was struck, he was thrown into the air landing nearly 50 yards away onto the hard pavement. He suffered serious head trauma and slipped into a coma minutes after the accident. Though he received immediate medical attention, the nature of his injury left his wife and family wondering whether he would survive.
More than four months after the accident, the surgeon died leaving behind a wife and 7-month-old little girl. And while the man driving the car apologized for what happened, it does little to comfort those who knew and loved the surgeon.
Nothing can ever take the place of a human life. But when an unexpected death occurs, people are forced to deal with that loss and the many implications that come with it. Families of victims can hold the negligent person responsible by filing a wrongful death claim with a washington dc lawyer. This will not reverse the effects of the accident but can help the family move forward.

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