Freedom of Information Act lawsuits

A criminal defense attorney in Manhattan has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the NYPD seeking five years’ worth of inspection, maintenance and repair records for each and every Breathalyzer device the police has. He has reason to believe that, at least in some cases, the NYPD has introduced evidence based on breath-testing devices that were not properly calibrated, poorly maintained or even broken.
In his petition before the Manhattan Supreme Court, he says that obtaining the full set of maintenance records on one NYPD Breathalyzer resulted in his client’s acquittal. He was able to show the jury that the machine used on his client had been reported broken but put back into service with no repairs.
That experience led the attorney to seek the maintenance and repair records in other cases. Judges are often willing to order the police to provide DUI defense lawyers in Marysville with these records, but the information provided was so incomplete that it couldn’t be used. Typically, the records only covered a limited time period — not the five years he is asking for.
Next, he filed a FOIA request with the NYPD itself. The department turned him down flat. Even though the records do not correspond to any particular case, the NYPD contended that disclosing them would “interfere with law enforcement investigations or judicial proceedings.” Hence the appeal.
Refusing to disclose the Breathalyzer records would “interfere with the ordinary course of court-supervised discovery” and deprive people of a right to a fair trial,” the attorney shot back.
In New York, the stakes are high for people arrested for DWI in Washington. At the very least, people are typically forced to spend a night in jail before they can even be arraigned. Unless they take immediate action, their driver’s licenses are suspended based on the arrest alone — not the conviction.
For those found with a breath test reading of .08 or higher, prosecutors in Brooklyn and Manhattan won’t even consider a plea bargain, according to the lawyer. That means an inaccurate Breathalyzer reading could result in more serious charges and greater penalties than the defendant deserves.
The reliability of evidence from Breathalyzers, Intoxilyzers, Datamasters and other breath testing machines is under fire across the nation. While the accuracy of the machines does vary, the equipment must be properly maintained and calibrated, and officers must be properly trained in its use for the machines to be worth trusting. Both criminal defendants and the citizens of New York have the right to know whether the NYPD is getting it right.

Suing for Invokana?

Individuals who required Invokana and were identified as having ketoacidosis have submitted against Janssen Drugs the lawsuits. Since that time, expanding quantity of Invokana lawsuit have now been submitted by individuals who created ketoacidosis or kidney failure after getting Invokana:

Oct 28, 2015: Suit (PDF) submitted in Illinois by guy who had been identified with ketoacidosis after getting Invokana (Event No 3:15-resume-01195)
Dec 14, 2015: Suit (PDF) submitted in Tennessee with a guy who began getting Invokana in November 2013 and created kidney failure (Case No. 2:15-resume-02799).
Invokana (canagliflozin) is just a prescription medication for those who have Type 2 diabetes that AIDS in preventing large blood sugar. It authorized from the Food in 2013 and had been produced by Janssen Drugs. It had been the very first medication in a brand new course referred to as salt-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors.

Unwanted Effects of Invokana
Invokana is just a diuretic, and its own most typical side-effect is currently urinating . This somewhat raises a patient’s threat of urinary tract infections (6% of sufferers) and genital fungus infections (10% of females). The next serious unwanted effects have now been associated with Invokana:

Bone breaks
Diabetic ketoacidosis
Coronary attack
Urinary tract infections
In clinical tests, sufferers on Invokana were not much more unlikely to create ketoacidosis than individuals on inhibitors that are additional. Ketoacidosis usually entails high blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, several Invokana individuals with moderately or regular -raised blood sugar are suffering from ketocidosis. The uncommon signs may postpone therapy and analysis till it becomes lethal.

What’s Ketoacidosis?
Diabetic ketoacidosis is just when poisonous wastes referred to as ketones develop within the system, a medical crisis occurring. The problem often happens once the body doesn’t have sufficient insulin to make use of glucose (glucose) like a supply of power. Alternatively, it begins burning fat tissues, which produces ketones in to the system. Large degrees of ketones in the torso may cause diabetic coma (fainting to get a very long time) and sometimes even death.

Signs of Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Sickness and vomiting
Belly ache
Fatigue or reduced performance
Fast breathing, heavy
Dry skin
Desire or regular urination that continues each day or even more
Fruity- breath
Muscle pains or stiffness
Food Safety Alerts for Ketoacidosis
May 15, 2015 — Food problems a Security Conversation including Invokana, for several SGLT2 inhibitors, after getting 20 reviews of sufferers who developed ketoacidosis to June 2014 from March 2013.

Dec 4, 2015 — The Food updated the label to incorporate ketoacidosis. The company obtained 73 reviews of sufferers who have been hospitalized with ketoacidosis between Could 2015 and March 2013, but a lot more instances were probably never documented.

Food Advice
“Patients find medical attention instantly when they have any outward indications of ketoacidosis, a significant situation where the body creates large degrees of body chemicals called ketones and must stop getting their SGLT2 chemical. Outward indications of ketoacidosis include vomiting sickness tiredness, and difficulty breathing.”

More than 100 Instances of Ketoacidosis Documented Global
In June 2015 health authorities informed that inhibitors were associated by May 19 global with 101 instances of diabetic ketoacidosis. The cases all were severe plus some sufferers needed to be hospitalized. 6 months later, the customer advocacy group Public Resident cautioned the Food had obtained more than 168 reviews of ketoacidosis in-patients on Invokana who created metabolic acidosis (an excessive amount of p in the torso).